The EDTI project is a collaborative effort funded by the Government of Ontario and developed by QUIS, in partnership with the Centre for Workforce Development (CFWD), and the Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board, as well as the Municipality of Quinte West, the City of Belleville, the Quinte Manufacturers Association, and Hastings County, designed to match skilled newcomers residing in the big cities of Ontario with the local industries facing labour shortages in the Quinte region.

In addition, EDTI looks to connect newcomers interested in starting up a business in the Quinte Region with business opportunities or Entrepreneurship organizations.

If you are a newcomer living outside of the Quinte Region and have an interest in working and living here, our Economic Development Through Immigration program will be beneficial for you.

The Quinte Region

The Quinte region is located within the Economic Region 3515 Kingston-Pembroke. The region encompasses several communities, including Belleville, Quinte West and Prince Edward County as interdependent communities, bound together by a common history and shared economy.

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Matching your skills through EDTI:

Economic growth continues to be strong in the Quinte region. According to a manufacturing labour study that the Quinte Economic Development Commission conducted for the Bay of Quinte region in 2017, local manufacturers continue to require new workers and, in many cases, are finding it difficult to find workers to fill available positions including entry level positions to skilled trades and other positions.  This represents an opportunity for newcomers’ who are willing to work and live in the region.


We can help you:

We connect people looking for work with local employers looking for workers. As part of our process we assess newcomers’ skills and share information about employers from the region. We seek to match your skills, provide you with helpful referrals and put you in contact with local employment counsellors or employers, depending on your needs. We are interested in accompanying you throughout the whole process, so we also consider follow ups as part of our service.



If you are thinking on starting or relocating your business to the Quinte Region our Economic Development Through Immigration (EDTI) program will be beneficial for you.


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