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for Ukrainian Newcomers

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QUIS/QLIP Response

  • QUIS provides free settlement services to all newcomers in the Quinte area regardless of immigration status. Settlement services are available by appointment only.

  • QLIP: Quinte Local Immigration Partnership has formed a working group of supporting community agencies to respond to the needs of Ukrainians coming to the Hastings and Prince Edward County region. For more information or to join the Ukraine Support Work Group contact: 

Information for Ukrainians

Immigration measures for people affected by the Russian invasion in Ukraine:

Important update for Ukrainian displaced persons – CUAET visa holders have till the end of March to apply for their work permit extensions.


July 15, 2023, was the last day to apply for a visitor visa under the Canada‑Ukraine authorization for emergency travel. If you submitted an application on or before July 15, 2023, it will be processed. Ukrainian arrivals entering Canada before March 31, 2024 are eligible for the CUAET measures.


Applying for a visitor visa after July 15, 2023

If you’re Ukrainian or the family member of a Ukrainian and want to apply for a visitor visa after July 15, you can apply through the regular process.

Government of Canada continues to explore other ways to help those affected and will update the page above as information becomes available.


Permanent residence for Ukrainian nationals with family members in Canada

Starting October 23, 2023, Canadian government put a temporary public policy in place to help families affected by the Russian invasion in Ukraine reunite in Canada.

Please read more about this temporary family reunification pathway ongoing till October 22, 2024 here:

For Q&A about this permanent residence program in Ukrainian please click the link below:

If you need assistance with any of the above program or applications as well as applications for other permanent residence programs available for Ukrainian newcomers, please contact a QUIS settlement worker to make an appointment via

Ontario Emergency Income supports:

If you have a Canadian social insurance number (SIN), you can apply online:

(If you do not have a SIN number, please speak to a QUIS settlement worker to get assistance)

Ресурси українською мовою / Resources in Ukrainian

Ontario government Ukrainian resources:

Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada:

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Ontario Resource Package: (семінари на різні теми, в тому числі з працевлаштування)

National Newcomers Navigation Network: 

Loblaw group of companies package of information

Welcome Information Package (RedCross) - Arrivals to Canada from Ukraine

Information for Ukrainians and their family members - Coming to Canada

Ukrainian Newcomer Resource Package

Your first 2 weeks in Canada (Video in English with English subtitles)

How to connect with local settlement services and community support.

Preparing finances and getting financial assistance.

Getting health care.

Finding a job.

Enrolling children in school.

New to Canada? The CRA can help.

Tax filing, tax credits and benefits for newcomers

Tax Filing for Ukrainian newcomers (In Ukrainian and English)

Tax guide for CUAET Newcomers

New to Canada? You may be eligible for benefits and credits.

I Know Safety Coloring Book (Both English and Ukrainian)

Розмальовка для дітей «Я знаю, як бути у безпеці»

Ukrainians Seeking Housing/Host Families

Make an appointment with QUIS to get information on finding a host family. QUIS is working with Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada and a number of other agencies to help find hosts and housing.

Please call 613-968-7723 ext. 0 or email to book an appointment! 

Ukrainians Seeking Employment

Make an appointment with QUIS to find out about employment options in the community.

List of employment agencies and links:

Health and Mental Health Supports

Quinte Health Care: 

Addictions and Mental Health Services: 

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health:

Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre:

Centre for Addictions and Mental Health:

How to Help Ukrainians in Our Region

Offers of Housing/Hosting and Employment:

QUIS is working with the OCASI Donation portal for offers of housing and employment for Ukrainians. If you want to host a family or offer employment in our region, please see the following link to the portal. Once you have contacted the portal, that information will then be received by Quinte Immigration Services and we will direct you to the appropriate service to work with you on your offer. Donation portal:

You can also contact Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada for hosting and finding a host family:

Physical and Financial Donations:

QUIS is unable to accept physical donations due to space and capacity limitations. We recommend reaching out to local non-profit thrift stores or Facebook groups created to share resources with individuals and families in need. 

QUIS is accepting financial donations to cover interpreting and translation services for Ukrainians. These services are not covered by any government funders and can become quite costly for individuals.

Donations can be sent by cheque to Unit 2, 345 College Street East, Belleville, ON, K8N 5S7. Cheques should be made out to ‘Quinte Immigration Services’ and you can note ‘for Ukrainian interpretation fund’ in the memo. 

Donations over $20.00 are eligible for a tax receipt, please include your name or organization’s name and a return address along with your donation.

If you are willing to donate gift cards or vouchers (with no expiry date) for clothing, food, pharmacies or transportation, please send your donation to: donation portal at: 

Other Resources

Ukrainian Diaspora Support Canada (UADSC):

Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society (CUIAS):

Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC):

National Newcomers Navigation Network: 

How to contact us

If you need assistance with any of the above program or applications, please contact a QUIS settlement worker to make an appointment!

Quinte Immigration Services

Community Engagement Coordinator: Myra Symonenko

345 College Street East, Unit #2

Belleville, ON K8N5V7


Phone: +1 613-968-7723 ext. 225

Resources and Support for Ukrainian Newcomers