Direct, essential services & support for newcomers in Canada

  • Direct, essential services & support for newcomers in Canada including Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees, Refugee Claimants, Temporary Foreign Workers, International Students, Visitors, and individuals without status

  • Support through immigration processes including sponsoring family members, applying for citizenship, extending visitor visas, and more

  • Guidance and assistance with various application forms and explanation of immigration program requirements

  • Information and referrals for government, community and education programs (including healthcare, English class registration, and registering children for school)

  • Information about social and recreational activities in the community

  • Referrals to job search agencies and job specific training opportunities, including QUIS’ own Skills, Training, and Employment Program: 

  • Monthly information sessions on a variety of topics including housing, banking, taxes, Canadian history and culture, and more

  • Community Connections events including sports days, crafting sessions, potlucks, and our Annual Children’s Holiday Party 

Resources and Support for Ukrainian Newcomers